Saturday, 27 February 2010

The chippy lady, tired children and a meal at the table.

The lady at the Chippy in Nottingham today was so friendly and taking such good care of her customers --she warmed my heart - some of them didn't even need to speak, she knew what they wanted and how to make them feel like the most valued customer in the world...even if they spent pence rather than pounds. If only all customer service could be so fantastic.

We spent the day at Nanas house. My children were happy, and entertained by little more than bits and bobs she had thoughtfully put by for them, glittery purses, wooden horses and plastic bracelets. She was like a mother hen today and helped me look after them perfectly. They slept all the way home and said the best bit of their day was 'Nana's'.

Will, R and I sat together and had a summer meal despite the weather. After a chippy lunch, roasted veg and salad was just what was needed. We all talked. And laughed. And reminised. We wouldn't have done if we had been in the other room with the telly on. I love what the telly being off, does.

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