Wednesday, 12 May 2010

loaf, muffins and a walk

I am getting the hang of bread. Today I made a malthouse loaf that looks fantastic. R is still talking about yesterday's 'seedy' effort which he thought made the best toast ever. I LOVE making bread. Everyone should do it. It cannot be rushed or pushed or stressed. It is about the most relaxing and rewarding task I can think of; yet, it is so easy to incorporate in to your day. It needs little, other than you being around when it is ready for the next stage.

The rhubarb muffins are lush. I am not being big-headed here - I am someone who has struggled with baking for years. I just seem to be 'getting it' at last.

The children and I went for walk to the village notice board to tidy it out. We saw neighbours, got some air and wore ourselves out nicely.

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