Saturday, 17 September 2011

The new war memorial was unveiled. They took their time getting going, it was blowing a gale and beginning to rain, I started to feel impatient and wished they would stop faffing about. Then they played the Last Post and marched with their flags. I felt ashamed of my haste and short-temperedness. It was humbling -- I felt small, the face of what those in WW2 endured - how would we all match up today?

A hot chocolate for everyone when we got home - we were chilled to the bone and damp - but the chocolate soon fixed us.

We loaded up Tulip the campervan and headed out for the afternoon to Stowe Landscaped Gardens. The children ran, hid, jumped and just enjoyed. When I asked at bedtime what their favourite bit of the day was - they both said simply "Stowe".

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