Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Enlightened, humble and Duchenne smiles

I am reading for my essay. Loss, bereavement and the Grief cycle. I have been putting it off for months. Now that I cannot avoid it any longer, I'm finding it just hypnotic. I am loving reading about a new and fascinating subject - and I I'm a step closer to...I don't know...getting it. Life I mean. Have you read Its Never About What it's about? It's making sense to me - one of those life changing books I think.

Paul Mealor's Stabat Mater (Movement 2) - makes me feel humble. Moves me to tears and made me think I wanted it played at my funeral. (oh dear, I am preoccupied with the big D today).

I learned about Duchenne smiles. Not for the beauty conscious - those big, catch-you-unawares smiles and laughs that light up faces and make eyes muscles do strange things. Love them. Want more of them.

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