Sunday, 18 April 2010

bargains, supper and tired. Sky, perfect and home

Saturdays post:

The local NCT Nearly New Sale. I helped out and had lots of fun, sold some stuff and bought lots of lovely things for the children. They are such a fantastic concept and everyone benefits.

We sat out and barbeque'd. The first of this years salad from the greenhouse, a lovely steak from the farm shop and home made mayo. Heaven.

After watching Ashes to Ashes, I was so tired I wanted to be Dorothy and just click my heels and be in bed.


Blue blue skies. Outdoor lunch for the children - corned beef hash cooked on a fire outside their playhouse while their 'washing' dries on their new washing line. Making memories.....Our home is just where I want to be today. We have everything we need.

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