Friday, 30 April 2010

is anyone out there?

I have been struggling a little this last week. R has been away, the children have been poorly and i have not had much time. The blog has lapsed and I beginning to doubt anyone is listening. I watched Julie and Julia last night and felt inspired to blog- but am not sure the day to day humdrums of my little life are half as interesting as Julie Powell's ever were....Is my life just as mundane as the next persons and should I be concentrating on my college work instead??

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  1. Hi. I pop in and read your blog from time to time :). I don't have much of a readership on my blog (as in, none) but I have had other blogs in the past and the way to get a readership is to take part in the blogging community. If you post on a messageboard or forum, include a link to your blog in your sig. Read around on some other blogs and comment - it's another way of getting to "know" people and eventually when they are familiar with you they will probably come and visit! There are sites (like blogher and networked blogs etc) that allow you to find other blogs that have a similar theme as yours.

    But above all, if you feel the need to blog/journal, keep at it! First and foremost, this is for you - it's your way of putting yourself out there.

    I know it can feel a little lonely when you're blogging away and feel like no-one's reading, but keep it up!