Tuesday, 13 April 2010

progress, a night out and a sale

I started to weed the hedge today, a job I have been delaying for weeks because I knew it would be hard and take me ages. When I put my mind to it though, and assured myself I would only do 10 minutes, I achieved so much that I carried on and am now almost a quarter of the way along. R commented on how much better it will do now without all that competition; enough praise and food for thought to spur me on to do another quarter as soon as I can manage.

I am going out with a friend for a meal. After a long day with 2 poorly (still) children who are quite rightly, little tyrants when they are ill - aren't we all - I am in dire need of a change of scene and a chatter.

The lady who has been to buy eggs twice now when I have been all out came today wanting a dozen. I had just that for her. Phew - I fear she would now have bothered to try again had I not been able to help for the 3rd time.

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