Saturday, 13 March 2010

Another run, some bargains and friendly shopping

Running with a friend this morning blew away my groggy feeling that a cold is on its way. We did 5 miles and chatted all the while. I so cherish this time to maintain my non-children friendships.

I went to the NCT Nearly New Sale and got some fabulous bargains - lovely clothes for the children. I saw lots of new parents talking things through and comparing notes on how it all went. I smiled at the dads standing chatting with their newborns in slings. They were so proud and excited. Lovely.

Stopping off at the supermarket...something usually to be avoided at the weekend but needs must & is much easier without the little ones, so I took my time and was careful not to tear about being cross and hurried (like usual!). I was struck by how smiley and friendly everyone was despite the shop being really busy. Maybe everyone seemed like that because I feeling like that too?

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