Tuesday, 16 March 2010

homemade feast, dodo cook for books and a successful swap

The first salad of the year, enjoyed with home made dressing and home made mayonnaise (a first for me - never managed it before!). Can't wait until the salad itself is 'made in Woodend'.

Sneaked a peak at my Dodo Cook for books (as recommended on 3BT site). It has been bought for me as a b'day pressie, so should not have looked yet, but it looks perfect and lots of fun.

A successful book swap on ReaditSwapit site. An unwanted book swapped for one you are currently after, what a perfect idea.


  1. Isn't homemade mayo magic? The egg yolk just keeps on taking the oil. How does it do it?

  2. And I love my Dodo book, too. My top tip is that you can pull the spiral binding apart and re-arrange the pages if you need more in one section and less in another.

    I had a Dodo Book of the Big Day for my wedding -- it was such a comfort, and made me feel as if everything was under control.