Wednesday, 31 March 2010

spade, another friend and a lost and found friend.

I was scraping out the childrens yogurt pot this morning with a silicone spatula (to get every last drop!) and eating it, when M came in to the kitchen to ask "mummy, why are you eating our yogurt with a spade?"

A friend who has set up a support group about something very close to her heart made me proud to know her today when I saw her cause being collected for and advertised in the local supermarket. What happened to her could have made her withdraw into herself, instead she has channelled all her energies (and she has lots) into making things better for other people in a similar situation. I am not sure whether I could be that strong and selfless.

I lost J's Baa Baa this afternoon. His constant companion and friend who he has never slept without. My heart raced and I was almost in tears, tearing the house upside down to try and find him in time for bedtime. There he was, with 10 mins to go, face down underneath a hundred things in a little used drawer in the playroom. I am not sure who was more happy, J, baa baa or me.

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