Friday, 12 March 2010

View, making every minute count and old friends snowdrops

I noticed with fresh eyes when sitting eating my breakfast with the children, that the view from our window next to the table is stunning. Some people watch tv while they eat. We watch the birds, the trees, the chickens and the wild wild weather.

That wild weather gave us 20 minutes respite at lunchtime, J and I made the most of the break in the clouds and spent a happy time in the new greenhouse sweeping it out, pulling up a few carrots for supper and collecting the eggs, before the clouds rolled back over and those early April showers came back with a vengance.

Looking out of J's window I noticed the snowdrops our old neighbours put in last year, before they moved away are coming up. I realised how much I miss their familiarity and emailed them to tell them all the news and ask how they are settling in.

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