Saturday, 6 March 2010

Recycling, ducks (again) and silence

I got fed up yesterday with the piles of things to be taken out to the recycling bins that were dotted all over my kitchen. Then it struck me how if I found this stuff to be a clutter, what on earth were we going to do when there is no more landfill!? Then I considered tidying up after a normal day 10 or 15 years ago when most of this plastic, card and paper would have gone straight in the times have changed for the better. Its almost a social no-no now not to recycle everything that you can. That has to be a good thing - and something to remember when cleaning out yogurt pots and baked bean tins and feeling hard done by.

We saw the ducks again at the river. They came right up, quacking and indignant that we had nothing for them. The colour of their feet was amazing. Bright tangerine - and so clean and useful looking.

My visitors left today. I was worried how I would feel when I was on my own again with the children but realised when driving into town that silence and being on one's own can be nice and often theraputic. I have little quiet time with 2 toddlers in the house, so a drive of 10 minutes today with no-one chatting was actually really lovely. I got some reading done at lunchtime and felt good and purposeful again after a few days of entertaining.

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