Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ducks, more ducks and an envelope

Today has been horrible. I am having to think about my 3 blessings very hard.
My babies have been out of sorts, fractious and demanding beyond belief. I have not coped well and feel low and sad now that they are in bed.

I saw 6 ducks flying overheard this morning when walking the dogs. Within a minute, they had come back over re-tracing their path - clacking and sqwarking like grumpy women. I could only imagine their words "I TOLD you it was the other way, I do wish you men would just ask for directions when you're lost".

We met a lady on the bridge today who heard us commenting on the absence of the ducks on the river. She kindly pointed out where she had seen 2 taking a snooze half hidden in the bank. My children were delighted and shared their snacks with the poor creatures who were just trying to grab 40 winks.

As noted above - I have not had a second to myself today. While I should have been working on writing an essay, all that I managed was to put some already completed work into an envelope and address it. I feel cheated and cross that I have not achieved more. But then guilty because surely my most important job is my children??

Tomorrow will be better.

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