Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A compliment, a new friend and learning something new

When I dropped M off at pre-school, her teacher told me she 'loved my look -- so shabby chic'. I laughed and told it her was defiantely more shabby than chic but hey as a S A H M, what else can you expect. Lovely that someone noticed the new patch on my jeans though....

M was telling me about her new friend at school "Fiddley". I had no idea who she was talking about until I saw his tray this morning..."Finaly" started last week and he and M have become frim friends.

Totally unexpected, I stumbled on a programme all about babies. For someone who loathes the TV most of the time, I was happy to sit and absorb lots of new stuff about genes, pregnancy and biology. Made up for the fact I missed out on my study time at naptime today because I was searching for a Peppa Pig duvet cover for M's new big girls bed.

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