Monday, 1 March 2010

spring, spring and spring.

We live in the country and it struck me today who much our lives are dominated by the seasons. Today we have sunshine. For the first time in ages. After the weekends rain and wind - this is blessed relief.

Walking down the lane with my son on his trike, I felt its warmth through my coat. It was like one of those heat massagers, spreading slowly and warming me from the outside in.

There is a tiny bunch of crocus in a bare flowerbed outside my front door. The hens have thoughtfully dug around it, but left it alone and so it looks like someone cares enough to have 'tickled' the soil around it and framed it. It is a miniature, perfect little bouquet.

At my daughters preschool pick up today, all the mums and dads looked different. They were smiling and open faced and we were all saying the same thing "Is Spring here?".

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