Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Trip to town, running and not yet old

I had a trip into town today to collect my mother, coming to stay for a few days. I felt like Laura Ingalls Wilder planning a trip to town, it has been so long since we have been shopping for anything other than food. Anything else I am lucky enough to be able to do on-line these days. But going to the big city (hardly - Banbury!) was fun. J was great and loved running about looking in the shop windows. Best of all was the piano demo (live) in the shopping centre. Instantly I was transformed to the set of Sense & Sensability. What a difference to being joslted in the Q in M&S.

Running was, as ever, fantastic today. Half an hour of fresh air, chatter and freedom.

My mother was telling me about how she will not travel too far fom home these days, in case something happens to her. Or my father. What an awful thought. But is it awful enough to keep you /them/me, at home for the rest of your/their/my days? In my case, not. And in my fathers, I suspect not. However, this is the cause of much contention in their house. I am glad R and I are where we are and not really having to think about this too much. Or is this arrogant of us? Or is being too careful, just wasting time??

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