Wednesday, 24 March 2010

more chocolate, "please" and chopsing

Richard asked me to take a look at some tiles he had found on line that might work for our bathroom. The description read "Noche, tumbled travertine, a beautiful tile of a rich chocolate colour...." Yes please. I would LOVE that in my bathroom.

J can say "please" - though it sounds more like "peeez" and he cannot say it without smiling. How perfect & what a long way that simple talent will take him.

I met 2 people I haven't seen for ages today and had long talks with them, catching up on the local news, usual stuff, who's had a baby and who has gone on holiday. Some sad stuff too, like who has cancelled their wedding. It did feel nice to just catch up so spontaneously, so much of my life is organised, set up in advance and planned. To be late all morning because I had stood in the street and chatted was lovely.

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